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Hello, I'm Rachel

A product design generalist relentlessly in pursuit of elegant 

human-centered design imbued with passion and meraki.


Equipped with six years of FinTech business analyst experience from a former life prior to discovering my love for design.

Based in the San Francisco Bay Area.

See Case Studies

The One With

the Customer Conversion Rate

FanFood is an online mobile ordering platform looking for a way to expand its target audiences in the midst of a pandemic world.  

CS Box 2_v.02.png

The One With the Pivot

Pet Academy is an educational website, which aims to ensure prospective or current dog owners are adequately prepared for the challenges and responsibilities of pet ownership.

The One With

the Donut Bribe 

In the age of misinformation and so-called fake news, Healthcites believes in the value of verified and quality information, especially when it comes to your health. 

Curious about the woman behind the curtain?

Take a peek and learn a little more about me here:

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