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Why, hello there!

I'm Rachel and I love to create.

Whether it's digital design, paper crafting, word smithing, or (attempting) woodworking, I enjoy ideating and reimagining concepts in a variety of mediums to solve everyday problems as well as once-in-a-blue-moon conundrums.

Coming from a business systems background, I apply an analytical eye to my design process and user-centered approach by looking for the gaps and finding creative ways to solution. I'm also a journalism major, so please excuse the occasional cheesy pun, especially when it comes to my personas!

As an empath and psychology enthusiast, I feel most in my element when I am designing for people. I became interested in product design because I truly believe in the power of good design and through it, the empowerment of its users. Call me an idealist, but I believe that design paired with effective storytelling can change the world for the better, and I want to be a part of that.


When I'm not creating, I love:

  • Learning

  • Traveling

  • Reading 

  • Eating

  • Trying new recipes

  • Playing board games

  • Binge watching Netfix

Definitely send recs for any of the above if you got 'em!


Thanks for stopping by to read my story, I'd love to connect with you to hear yours.

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